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May 2021
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May 2021
Debt Advisory Update
I was in the office on Friday, for the first time since November.  The turnout was a little disappointing compared to the rest of the week but that may be because everyone prefers Tuesdays, Wednesdays And Thursdays.
Does this mean Friday evening drinks with colleagues are a thing of the past? Say it ain’t so …
Apr 2021
Debt Advisory Update
Having been launched on Sunday, the new European Super League reached its knock-out stages on Tuesday with the English teams exiting early, leaving the Spanish and Italian teams in the Final. 
For some, this may seem like a good week to bury bad news, in the words of Jo Moore, so watch out for more announcements like the abandonment of the new £2.6m Downing Street press conference room after being used just once.
In passing, I learnt today that Credit Suisse won an award from in February for Risk Innovation of the Year for a new tool guarding against operational risks, despite the Chief Risk Officer not knowing about a client to which it had $20bn of exposure.  I’m sure the award features prominently in the disclosure for its $2bn of mandatory convertible notes issued today.
Apr 2021
Debt Advisory Update
Happy Haircut Week!
I realise as I’m sending this that many of you may already be in the pub for the first time in over 3 months – I hope you have wrapped up warm or else can find a beer jacket.  
Apr 2021
Debt Advisory Update
It was my father’s 80th birthday yesterday and, as we couldn’t have a proper party, we were talking on Zoom about how the world has changed in his lifetime.
He spent his career in computing and appropriately 1941 saw the invention of the Z3, the first ‘real’ computer.  This was invented in Germany but dismissed by the Nazis as not “war-important”, and then unfortunately destroyed in a Berlin air raid in 1943.  Not every good idea is recognised straight away, as Clive Sinclair found out in 1985 with his forerunner to the now-ubiquitous electric scooters.
I also listened to Epsilon Theory’s podcast about leverage in Archegos, Gamestop / Melvin Capital and Greensill – highly recommended.
Mar 2021
Debt Advisory Update
I’m hoping at least someone has noticed the slight delay to this ‘weekly’: in a busy week, I’ve made Voltaire’s mistake of letting the best be the enemy of the good (or at least, ‘something acceptable’), otherwise known as forgetting the 80:20 rule.
This week: be glad you’re not the pilot of the Ever Given ship, currently impossibly stuck in the Suez Canal like Douglas Adams’ sofa.